Located in the heart of MotorCity, “The Central” is a state-of-the-art complex including a mall comprising a ground floor and three additional floors, with a total area of 103,000 square meters. The mall provides visitors with a holistic experience and offers the below facilities:


  • RUNNING TRACK: Indoor elevated running track designed to create a fresh and green running environment inside the building. Track distance is 700 metres in one complete lap and consists of three lanes where you can run, jog or race
  • BASKETBALL COURTS: There are six full-sized indoor basketball courts in the arena located at the centre of the building
  • GYMNASIUM: With the approximate area of 17,000 square feet, this gym will be the focal point of the fitness centre with facilities that meet the user needs for a thorough exercise
  • HEALTH FOODS: Eating healthy is a main key of getting into a healthier life style. The food court provides a variety of nutritious and healthy foods. A relaxing, comfortable and clean eating area will make the food court a fun recreation and meeting place while enjoying healthy meals
  • RETAIL SHOPS: The retail section will provide a variety of retailers including sport brands, apparel, household items and health food supermarkets
  • VELODROME RING: This indoor velodrome is equipped with complete facilities for the cyclist and the trainers. The Ring has cycling track distance of 250 meters, which is perfect for the training sessions as well as competitions
  • OLYMPIC SWIMMING POOL: The indoor Olympic size swimming pool has 100 meter and 50 meter lap distance which is a good place for beginners and professionals.
  • DIVING CENTRE: This diving centre is 20×50 meters in size and equipped with complete facilities for the user
  • MEDICAL SUITES FOR SPORT THERAPY: The Sports Therapy provides evaluation and treatment of sports-related injuries for athletes, at all levels, in all sports
  • EDUCATION: Provide sports educational centre
  • CAR MUSEUM: The Museum allows the classic car owners and manufactures to use the area for displaying their collections. This Museum is not just a display of car collection, it will be the classic car sales centre in Dubai