Total Facilities Management. Multi services. Facilities Management.

There are many terms for what we call Integrated Facilities Services. However your organisation describes them, we’re proud to be one of the UAE’s leading providers of these solutions. And whatever your company requires, we have the regional strength and experience to deliver the integrated services you need.


ServeU’s strategic direction has remained unchanged for a decade – we continue to pursue an integrated facility services strategy while continuously developing and maintaining single service excellence. This choice is driven by the market’s demands, both present and emerging.


With over 5,000 staff across the UAE, we can provide you with every combination of facility services. These include facilities management, cleaning, security, life guarding, energy management, support, technical support, procurement and many more. Whether you operate in one location or nationwide, our network of regional offices will deliver consistently exceptional solutions across your premises portfolio.


Creating bespoke solutions

Our work begins by discussing your exact needs. Once we have gained a full insight into your organisation and requirements, we will create an individual proposal and present it to you. From the moment you select our solution, our teams will concentrate on enhancing your facilities, so you can focus on your responsibilities.


Making ServeU your Integrated Facilities Services provider will:

  • Deliver consistently high-quality results across your property portfolio.
  • Reduce your costs through the efficiency of using one provider.
  • Enable you to transfer business risks by using a company that complies with all relevant security, quality, safety and environmental standards.
  • Free your people to focus on their tasks.



“Our service range and established supplier network makes us an ideal single supplier solution for your organisations facilities needs. We can manage your existing sub-contractors giving you the benefit of a single contact for FM services and payments.”