Real Estate & Property management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate as used in its most broad terms. The international law for land and real estate operations has been adopted to suit the UAE legislation and it has been implemented in order to bring the mutual benefits to the property developer, the property management and for owners & tenants under the regulations called RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority).


Management of real estate therefore requires maintenance, monitoring and accountability given for its useful life cycle and to provide conditions for future real estate development.

ServeU is having a business relationship with almost all the key players in real estate and property developers having 35+ years’ experience in this UAE marketplace. The services are unique and tailored to suit various aspects to support all our clients in this industry according to their required standards.


Our services start in this particular industry from the initial FM consultation stage onto shell and core fit out stage, case study of the building and snag and defects identification and rectification. However the majority of the properties are taken over during or after the defects liability period (DLP) when they are ready for initial deep clean services and following further requirements of integrated facilities management services.


Working in partnership with your business

At ServeU, we will do more than implement solutions that enhance your housekeeping results. We will integrate seamlessly with your culture and operation, working closely with your management team to maintain service quality, contain costs, ensure guest satisfaction and encourage repeat business. We use our purchasing power to pass on savings to you, particularly regarding equipment and materials.


Managing environments for market leaders

Before choosing a housekeeping service provider, it’s good to know other organisations in your sector are already enjoying exceptional service. Our 2,000-strong team of people look after many of the UAE’s leading hotel and leisure group, you’re in safe hands.



Our service plan will be carefully aligned to deliver and exceed your standards. This culture will be continuously communicated to, and applied by our staff working for you.


We will work as an integrated team with your employees, energetically committed to their success and freeing them from facilities tasks.

We will work closely with you to understand your service requirements, defined in a detailed services specification. We will self-monitor our performance and continuous reporting will show you our service levels.


Quality standards and response times are set for all ServeU staff to deliver consistently at every touch point. We take ownership of the facilities service and our people are focused on delivering at the highest level.

We will work with you to identify the specific needs of your operations and customise a solution with focus on high security, risk control and the resilience of your business.


We deliver services to create the working environments you need to optimise the effectiveness of your people.

Our technically capable staff are trained and coached to supply a service that meets your specific requirements. They share your objectives for high standards, quality and excellence.


Our committed employees understand your need for a service culture which delivers a quality service to all users.