Airports represent quite a challenge in the field of Facility Management for a number of reasons. The term Facility Management in the Airports world can cover a multitude of services and is quite a subjective term.


Our ambition goes beyond simply delivering the specified service targets. We will work with you to understand your operational demands and identify areas where we can support your objectives for public service, efficiency and value.


  • Inspection, Planned/Preventive Maintenance.
  • Airfield Maintenance (Civil Works)
  • Optimization of Energy Consumption.
  • Cleaning Building & Airfield.
  • Landscaping  & Pest control.
  • Property Management Support.


Flexibility and capacity

Some customers need just one special service from us, while others want a set of integrated facilities services. A number of customers need new strategic asset solutions. This sheer range of needs requires a provider with flexibility, capacity and vision


Cost savings

Cost savings are critical for customers who are accountable for showing that quality services are procured at the most economic price. Budget restrictions make the certainty of fixed prices important and ongoing financial constraints require annual savings to be general.



Our service plan will be carefully aligned to deliver and exceed your standards. This culture will be continuously communicated to, and applied by our staff working for you.


We will work as an integrated team with your employees, energetically committed to their success and freeing them from facilities tasks.

We will work closely with you to understand your service requirements, defined in a detailed services specification. We will self-monitor our performance and continuous reporting will show you our service levels.


Quality standards and response times are set for all ServeU staff to deliver consistently at every touch point. We take ownership of the facilities service and our people are focused on delivering at the highest level.

We will work with you to identify the specific needs of your operations and customise a solution with focus on high security, risk control and the resilience of your business.


We deliver services to create the working environments you need to optimise the effectiveness of your people.

Our technically capable staff are trained and coached to supply a service that meets your specific requirements. They share your objectives for high standards, quality and excellence.


Our committed employees understand your need for a service culture which delivers a quality service to all users.